About Beks Restaurant

Our Story

Beks has been a staple of American dining in downtown Fulton since opening in 2005. What started as a coffee and wine bar quickly turned into a full-service restaurant, and we’re proud to say we still have members of our original staff working for us today.

Head Chef: Daniel Proctor

From Jefferson City, Chef Daniel Proctor is Missouri born-and-bred. He’s been part of the Beks tradition since 2010, but his passion for creating home-cooked meals dates back to his early childhood. From helping his grandparents serve 10 course meals to working with his aunt in a kitchen in a nursing home, Danny has found joy in making meals that enrich the lives of those around him. It’s in our very own kitchen that Danny learned about the unlimited possibilities of food, and since becoming our head chef in 2017, Danny has committed himself to always trying new things and finding ways to improve himself, his surroundings and our community.

We specialize in specialties.

Our seasonal menus feature a variety of new offerings, and our daily specials ensure that your dining experience is never the same. We’re constantly updating our featured dishes, so check back daily to see what’s new.

Beks is located in the historic Brick District of Downtown Fulton, known for its (you guessed it!) historic brick-paved streets and buildings. And the rich history doesn’t stop at our door – our buildings are historic, too.  Housed in two buildings on the historic registry designed by famous Missouri architect Morris Frederick Bell, our main building was once a dry goods store owned and operated by M.F. Bell’s very own son-in-law. You’ll love our casual, historic atmosphere that’s defined by exposed brick and tin crown molding.

Whether you’re looking for a good steak or just a good meal, you’ve come to the right place. At Beks, we use high-quality ingredients and take pride in everything on our menu. We use 100% cream to make our made-to-order pastas, hand-cut our USDA aged ribeyes and filets, smoke our own turkey and use Show-Me-Farms ground beef for our burgers. We offer a refined dining experience, but you can leave your suits and ties at home!