Special Event Menu

To set up an appointment to discuss details please email Tessa
Harder at tessapruitt@yahoo.com.  Thank you for considering Beks.
We look forward to helping you create a memorable evening.
Half Pan serves 10-12 Full pan serves 18-20

Artichoke Dip                                             $35 ½ pan  $70 full pan
Chipotle Hummus                                       $30 ½ pan  $60 full pan
Bacon Wrapped Jalapenos                            $70 per 45-50pcs
Stuffed Mushrooms                                     $30 per 20-25pcs
Assorted Cheese Cubes & Cracker Tray          $25 2 lb        $50 4 lb
(cheddar, swiss, pepperjack)
2 lb (38-40) Premium Jumbo Shrimp with cocktail sauce       $65
Vegetable Tray-served with ranch                  $25 sm tray  $50 lg
Antipasto Platter- serves 35-40                      $170
Assorted cured meats/olives/stuffed sweet peppers/marinated mozzarella
cheese/assorted and marinated mushrooms  
Seasonal Bruschetta                                     $30 sm tray $60 lg tray

Served with bread and salad of mixed greens, shaved parmesan,
homemade crotons, ranch and balsamic on the side.
$200 Full Pan $100 Half Pan

Noodle Options: Penne or Fettuccine

Sauce Options:
Traditional Red Meat Sauce
Roasted Vegetable Asiago Alfredo
Chipotle Chicken Alfredo
Asiago Chicken Alfredo
Italian Sausage with Spinach Cream Sauce
Pesto (alfredo or fresca)
Traditional Alfredo

Shrimp or scallops can be substituted or added for market price.

Served with one vegetable and one starch:
vegetable: haricot verts, broccoli gratin, roasted vegetables or slaw
starch: mashed potatoes, polenta, oven roasted potatoes, mac and
cheese or pasta salad

                                                    Half pan          Full Pan
Maple Soy or Rosemary Dejon                $100               $200

CHICKEN                                           Half Pan           Full Pan
Roasted Frenched Breast & Drumette       $215              $320
Chicken Piccata                                      $70               $120
Chicken Marcella                                    $70                $120

VEGETARIAN                                        Half Pan           Full Pan
Cauliflower Steaks                                 $120                 $200
Eggplant Parmesan                                $140                 $240
Rattatouille                                           $120                 $200

FISH                                                    Half Pan           Full Pan
Cedar planked oven roasted Atlantic salmon    $140            $240

$3 per guest: toasted garlic bread or rolls, salad of mixed greens with
shaved parmesan, home made crotons ranch and balsamic served on
the side.

$3 each (half dozen minimum of each per order), served with leaf
lettuce and mayo and mustard on the side
House smoked turkey and cheddar cheese
Ham and cheddar cheese
Waldorf Chicken
Vegetarian (cucumber, mushrooms, swiss & cream cheese spread OR
roasted vegetable & artichoke dip spread)

Plain                                  $40
Chocolate Truffle/Turtle        $45

CAKE:                          Layered        Half Sheet        Full Sheet
Chocolate or                        $35            $30                $60
Boston Cream Pie                $30             $25                $60
Bread Pudding                                      $30                $60

Giant Chocolate Chunk Cookies $3 each (min 6 per order)

Off premise dessert fee $25

$25 Full urn - 15-18 cups
includes sugar & cream, flavorings and to go cups are additional

Wine and or Beer
Bartender Fees may apply

Beks Third Floor/Mezzanine Rental and Catering Contract

THIRD FLOOR: Our 3rd floor space is private and accommodates up to 40 guests.
We do not have an elevator so please make sure your guests can climb two flights of
stairs.  There is a restroom on the 3rd floor for you use.  Served “family style”, sorry
we can not serve plated menu options.  Please note that “family style” DOES NOT
mean unlimited food.  Please be sure to order enough food to satisfy your group.  
Room Rental (plus tax)*                             $175
Deposit (non refundable)                             $200
Food Minimum**                                        $
500 weekend evenings $900
Additional Time (per hour over 4 hours)      $50
Service charge, applied to all food & beverage         20%
Bar set up/staff                                         $50 plus $18 per hour per bartender

SECOND FLOOR MEZZANINE: Semi private and accommodates up to 24 guests.  We
do not have an elevator so please make sure your guests can climb one flight of
stairs.  There is a restroom on the 3rd floor and two on the main floor.
Room Rental (plus tax)*                                $50
Deposit (non refundable)                                $75
**Food Minimum M-TR                                   $200/weekend evenings $400
Additional Time (per hour over 4 hours)          $25
Service charge, applied to all food & beverage 20%
Bar set up/staff                                                $50 plus $18 per hour per bartender

Decoration: You are responsible for all the decoration set up and breakdown. If you’d
like to bring your own decorations we have a few rules: no confetti, no damaging
tape or puncturing walls.   If you require our staff’s help with decorations the fee is
$15 per hour, per employee.  We are not responsible for any left items.  Please
remove your personal items and decorations upon the conclusion of your event or
make arrangements with the manager to pick them up before 9:30 am.

Bar: If you choose to have beer and wine we ask that you choose no more than three
beer options and three wine options.  Please be sure to check with your party to
make sure you choose the most crowd pleasing options for your group.  No more than
4 beer options and 4 wine options.  

Music:  We are not set up to have special music or live music other than what plays
throughout the restaurant.

*Rental fees vary depending on dates and event details.  Please email us with your
prospective date and times so we can quote a room rental fee at beksshop.
com/contactabout.html.  The rental includes six tables 8ft tables and beige table
cloths as well as beige table cloths for the food and beverage tables if you desire.  If
you’d like additional or different linens you can rent them from a party rental supply.
**Tax, service charge, alcohol and incidentals do not count toward food minimum.  
The deposit will be subtracted from your final bill as long as the minimum is met and
there are no damages.

Minimum of one week advance notice is required.
If you have a larger group (no more than 35) and don’t mind being split up
throughout the restaurant we may be able to accommodate depending on dates and
Please contact us about our limited menu options.

Deposits are non-refundable.  Cancellations will be reviewed on a case by case basis
to determine refund eligibility.

The required deposit is due at them time of booking in order hold event dates and
times.  One half to the total food bill (excluding alcohol, beverage and service
charges) is due one week prior to the day of the event.  Final payment must be made
with cash, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover or business checks, personal
or business check.   All food and beverage prices are subject to 20% service charge
and all applicable state and local taxes.  Deposits will be applied to the remaining

Note:  Please be on time!  All food is ordered and made from scratch for your event.  
We will have your meal ready at the time specified.  If you have a delay call us as
soon as possible and we will do our best to accommodate, if kitchen staff is required
to stay additional time $50 per hour will be applied to the final bill.  

Purpose of Rental:________________________________________________________
Name of Applicant:_______________________________________________________
Business Name: ____________________________________________________
Daytime Phone:________________Evening: __________ Email __________________
Date of Rental: ______________________________________
Space Being Rented:__________________________________
Event Start Time: _______________________End Time: ________________________
Guest Count: __________________________ Meal Time: _______________________
Deposit Required (personal or business check preferred):________________________
Paid By: ____________________________________________
One Half of Final Food Ordered Payment:____________Due on or Before:__________
Final Payment Method:____________________________________________

The undersigned hereby makes application to Beks for the named
applicant/organization for the use stated and certifies that the information given is
correct. The applicant/undersigned must be 21 years of age, and place required
deposit with Beks the day this contract is submitted. All deposits are non-refundable.
The undersigned further states that he/she has the authority to make this application
and agrees the applicant will observe all regulations set forth by Beks. Furthermore,
Beks is not responsible for lost or stolen property during or after the event and Beks
is hereby released from any injuries which may occur while on said premises. The
applicant/undersigned agrees to conform by Beks regulations stated in the above



updated 3/13/18